1) What is The Biggest Payment Jatra ? 

Starting from Jestha 1st – Asadh 31st, The Biggest Payment Jatra is a 63 days payment celebration where everyone can get a chance to win Karodau ko Offers! 

Get a chance to become a Khalti Influencer, where you can share your own Promocode to your friends, win daily rewards on Khutruke, Scratch Cards and Pulsar NS 200 ABS. 


2)  Basic requirements to be eligible for Jatra

Just a simple 2-minute step: verify your KYC before Jestha 1, and you’ll get to enjoy all the Jatra perks.


3) About  bumper prize pulsar N160.

 Get a chance to win supercool Pulsar NS 200 ABS. You know how ? Simply, Conduct two  transactions in the interval of 15 days, then you will enter a lucky draw and get a chance to win our bumper prize.

Our 2-month of Jatra  (Jestha 1 – Ashar 31) is split into 4 thrilling rounds: Round 1 (Jesth 1 – Jesth 15), Round 2 (Jesth 16 – Jesth 32), Round 3 (Ashar 1 – Ashar 15), and Round 4 (Ashar 15 – Ashar 31), and a bonus round. 



4) #ShareACode 

An exciting addition to Jatra! 

Get a chance to Khalti’s Influence, generate your own promo code and share it with your friends and family.

So, how can I generate my own code ?

Just, follow the given steps,

1) Swipe right on your Khalti home page

2) Tap the create icon

3) Customize your unique code 

4) Spin the will 

5) Your code is generated 

6) Share it with your loved ones 

Note : You can create one code in a week and one code can be redeemed up to five times. 

After generating the code, you will receive up to 10 KP upon redemption of each code. This does not end here there is also a bumper prize, a chance to win Honor X7B Smartphone.

5) What is ‘Khutruke’ and where can we find it?

For the next 63 days, get set to receive daily doses of Khutruke excitement! Just tap on that Khutruke, break it open, and voilà! A lucky number awaits you. Hold onto that number tight because each day at 8 AM, we’ll announce winning digits right in the app, and if you have the number, you have just won something big. To find out what that is, break the Khutruke. 


6) What is a Scratch Card ?

Simply, after making each transaction of 100 and above, you will receive a virtual scratch card as an instant reward. Rub that card to reveal what you have won. 


7) World Link ma iPhone 15 ?

 Time to upgrade your phone game. Pay your WorldLink bill from Khalti and stand a chance to win the brand new iPhone 15. So, hurry up and pay your WorldLink bill, you might be the one walking away with the latest iPhone. 


8) In case of queries

You can reach out to us through our social media or send us an email at support@khalti.com in need of assistance