In today’s world avoiding internet or TV bills is quite impossible. We are all guilty of consuming entertainment through both mediums. Nothing beats coming home and placing yourself in front of the TV and unwinding. Furthermore, with rising digitalization and connectivity everything from work to socialization happens over the internet.

Hence, as landline phones and other forms of the cost incurred in households are starting to become obsolete, new expenses in the form of internet and TV are taking up your income. That being said, there are some tips and tricks that can help be used to help you reduce the dent these expenses can make in your wallet.

1. Scale Back On Your Service Packages

Choose service packages based on your needs and only pay for what you use, this tip will help you cut down on cash spent on these services without hampering the benefits and joy you gain from them. For instance, if you are someone who is home mostly and works online, an internet package with higher bandwidth and speed would make sense, but the same package is an unnecessary cost for those that only use the web for surfing. The same principle can be applied for TV packages, choose only those that you watch.

Fortunately, companies like Dish home have categorized packages based on consumer needs, giving you exactly what you need without the extra added cost.

2. Save Through Cash Backs

Cashback is not something that can be enjoyed in cash-only payment method, in fact, up until recently only credit cards offered this service. However, with digital payment plans now on the rise, services like Khalti have introduced cashback plans as well.

Khalti provides up to 2% cashback instantly while paying for DTH services on every transaction. This cashback may not feel like much in the get-go but when you add up the monthly returns it will gather up to be a sizable amount. Moreover, there is no prerequisite to opening your account in Khalti as opposed to getting credit cards which usually require you to fulfill certain requirements for eligibility of application.

Through Khalti you can pay for DTH services like Dish Home, Mero TV, Net TV, Web Surfer, and Clear TV.

Download Khalti Today.

3. Enjoy Festive Discounts

A great opportunity of the big festivals arriving soon is the chance for customers to take advantage of the festive offers that it brings along. Culturally Nepalese people are known to splurge on new items and services during the holidays, many companies take advantage of this and introduce attractive promotions to entice the customers during this time. Hence, New years, big festivals like Dashain and Tihar make for a great opportunity to invest in a good service plan at a discounted rate.

4. Go For Bundled Services

In Nepal there are many online services provides that give you the option of bundled services. This means that the same service provider gives TV and internet services together in a package. Usually, as both services are from the same provider costs incurred for deposits, application, and set-up costs are relatively less.

That being said,  caution needs to be exercised when looking up the right kind of bundled service as the options to discontinuation or termination may be tricky especially if you want to keep one service and forgo the other.

5. Read The Fine Print Carefully

These service plans are not usually high risk hence not reading the contract carefully seems to the course most of us take. But, reading the fine print in your contract is very important, especially if you want to save yourself from spending on unnecessary costs. These fine prints usually hold information on early termination, late payment, and cancellation policies allowing you to better judge a service plan, be prepared for any extra cost that may incur, and avoid them entirely.



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