We are glad to announce to our valued Khalti users that we have partnered with Prime Life Insurance to facilitate digital payment. Now, you can purchase the Prime Life Insurance Plan online and pay insurance premium digitally from Khalti.

Prime Life insurance Co. Ltd. was established in 2007. It is one of the strongest life insurance service providers in Nepal with more than 17,00,000 policies sold in 11+ years of operation. The paid-up capital of the company is NPR 2,007.9 Million. So far, the company has collected a total premium amounting to NPR 10,825 Million. It has increased its distribution network with 145 network points of representations which include Branches and Sub branches and contact offices all over Nepal. The company continues to be among the fastest-growing life insurance company with incremental growth in premium, quality of business, and customer service. Prime Life Insurance aims to reach out to people and make a difference in their lives through superior life insurance products and helping them to look up to a better tomorrow.

Currently, Prime Life offers the following life insurance plans:

1. PrimeLife Jeewan Upahar

2. PrimeLife New Term Assurance

3. PrimeLife Sulav Money Back

4. PrimeLife Surakshit Awash Jeewan Beema

5. PrimeLife Jeewan Surakshya

6. PrimeLife Pension Plan

7. PrimeLife Saral Beema

8. PrimeLife Swarnim Jeewan Beema

Now, people across Nepal can easily buy insurance plans online in a couple of minutes and pay the premium fee digitally through Khalti.


Please follow these nine easy steps to buy a PrimeLife insurance plan online and pay the premium from Khalti


1. Visit the website of Prime Life Insurance

2. Click on Buy Policy Online Button.

3. Choose the insurance plan of your choice. Currently, you can purchase three kinds of insurance plans online: PrimeLife Sulav Moneyback Plan, PrimeLife Pension Plan, and PrimeLife Saral Beema. Fill up your personal details and click on Next.

4. Fill up details about your occupation, academic qualification, height, and weight and click on Submit.

5. You will be shown the details of the insurance plan you selected, its features, benefits, policy requirements, etc. You can also compare the policy with the other plans. Now, click on the Get Policy button.

6. A verification code will be sent to your mobile number registered with PrimeLife. Enter the code and click on Validate to verify the proposal.

7. In the next pages, enter the necessary details about you and the nominee, and click on Next

8. On the Payment Method, select Khalti and click on Pay with Khalti

9. The payment interface of Khalti opens. You can either pay Prime Life Insurance Plan Online with the balance on your Khalti wallet or the eBanking option.

To pay Prime Life Insurance Plan Online through Khalti Wallet:

1: Enter your Khalti ID (mobile number) and tap on the Pay button

2: Enter your transaction PIN and OTP (one-time-password) you have just received on your mobile registered with Khalti and tap on Confirm Payment


To pay Prime Life Insurance Plan Online through eBanking

1: Select your bank, enter your Khalti ID and click on Pay

2: You will be redirected to the bank’s eBanking portal where you can complete the payment process

Your PrimeLife Insurance Plan purchase is successful after the successful payment. You will receive an email regarding the confirmation of the Prime Life Insurance Plan purchase. If you need its original policy bond paper then you may collect the same through the nearest Prime Life office.


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