Gone are the days when people had to wait in long queues and waste time to pay their bills. Khalti offers a quick online bill payment service for Subisu, allowing users to pay their bills conveniently and securely. 

The convenience of Subisu bill payment has eased managing bills from anywhere with an internet connection. With just a few simple clicks users can easily make payments for their Subisu internet or TV services from anywhere, anytime and enjoy a smooth and efficient payment experience.


How to Recharge Subisu through Khalti App?

  1. Open Khalti app and tap on Internet icon
  2. Select the Subisu ISP
  3. Type in your username and click on get details
  4. Select either Internet or TV
  5. Select the payment type i.e Regular packages or outstanding
  6. Select your set up box and packages
  7. Click on next to proceed for payment
  8. Select either Khalti wallet or Linked bank account for the payment
  9. Confirm your details and click on OK


Follow the above steps to recharge your Subisu internet or TV services service seamlessly through Khalti. Say goodbye to the traditional methods of bill payment and embrace the ease and convenience of paying Subisu bills through Khalti. 


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