Now, pay on merchant sites including ISPs/DTH, Movie tickets booking, online shopping sites, and many other types of services easily using Khalti Digital Walllet.

However, you need to input a 4-digit pin every time you make payments for third-party sites. New Khalti users get this PIN at the time when their account is created. Whereas, old users of Khalti will get this PIN while trying to carry out a transaction on third-party sites for the first time.

Follow the following steps to pay on merchants sites via Khalti              

  1. Log into the website of the merchant to whom you are going to make a payment
  2. Go to the bill payment section
  3. Choose to pay via mobile wallet, eWallet, or ePayment
  4. Click ‘Khalti’ among the options available
  5. In the next window, enter your User ID to formally log in to the site
  6. Then, you will see a window as shown below. Enter your mobile number or email ID (which doubles as username) and click on the Pay button.


(A 4-digit transaction PIN will be sent on your mobile in case you’re trying to make a third-party payment via Khalti for the first time. You will also receive a confirmation code for the transaction.)


  1. In the next window, enter your 4-digit transaction PIN (that you just received) and confirmation code for the transaction. Click on ‘Confirm Payment’
  2. Your payment will be successful and you will receive a bill. Print the bill, or save it as a pdf file, or simply take a screenshot

Setting third party transaction PIN through the web:

  1. Log in to Khalti account via web dashboard Khalti.com
  2. Go to ‘ACCOUNT’ on top of the page
  3. On the left-hand side navigation menu, click on ‘Third-party Transaction Pin’
  4. Set any ‘4-digits’ PIN, Confirm the pin, Enter Khalti password and click ‘Update transaction PIN’
  5. Your third party transaction PIN will be successfully set

Setting third party transaction PIN through Khalti app:

  1. Open ‘Khalti app’ on your smartphone and log in to your account
  2. Tap on menu
  3. Tap on ‘settings’
  4. Tap ‘Third-party Transaction PIN’
  5. Set any 4-digit ‘Third-party PIN’, Confirm the PIN, Enter Khalti Password and tap on ‘SET PIN’
  6. Your third party transaction PIN will be successfully set
Forgot your ‘Third-party Transaction PIN’? Follow the same above steps to create a new ‘Third-party Transaction PIN’.
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