While loading fund in your Khalti wallet, when the bank deducts money from your account but doesn’t appear in your Khalti wallet, what do you do? Do you panic? Well, if that’s the case, there is no need to do so because your money is safe in the system.

There are multiple reasons why such things happen. Usually, after your transaction reaches our system, we process it within 5-10 minutes and credit your Khalti wallet. However, in some circumstances, such as network issues, we may not receive any success or failure transaction status from the respective banks. It leads to a delay in the money load.

Load fund from khalti

As our priority is to add money to your Khalti wallet as quickly as possible, our respective department continues to follow up with your bank and check whether the transactions are successful or not.

In case of failure of transaction confirmation success from your bank, we refund your money to your bank account. However, since the refunding work lies upon the bank’s end, the refund timing depends upon the bank. Khalti will not have full control of the process. Therefore, you can also directly contact your bank for a refund in case of a delay.

Regardless of the time taken, please be assured your money will safely return to you.

We hope we were able to answer your concerns regarding this issue. In case of any other problems, please contact us on our support number or check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

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