Enjoying a great movie and spending the weekend with loved ones are good for your health. Not only does it eliminate the boredom, but it also helps to do away with stress. Get ready for an awesome weekend of movies with your friends.  Book your favorite movie tickets online from Khalti and spend quality time with your loved ones.


Why stay in line when you can book and pay online?

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Follow the steps below to book movie tickets online in Nepal from Khalti:

 Step 1: Register and log in to Khalti  from the Khalti application or Web Dashboard.

 Step 2: Click the “Movie Book” icon on the main screen 

 Step 3:  In list of available program select the movie you want to book

 Step 4: Choose your preferred date, show time and theater 

 Step 5: Click on your preferred seat, and your payment details will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click “Buy Now” to continue 

 Step 6: Confirm the details to make the payment .

 Step 7: After clicking “Accept”, your payment will be successful and you will get an instant refund


Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ)

  • How to book movie tickets online from Khalti?
    You can easily book movie tickets from Khalti. Register and login to Khalti, tap on the movie icon , select your desired movies and seats and pay. Your movie will be booked successfully.
  • When does advance movie ticket booking open on Khalti?
    The start of booking is entirely dependent on cinema planning and the film’s release date. The show is immediately made accessible on Khalti whenever the cinema opens the show for advance booking.
  • Do you charge extra fees for booking movie tickets online from Khalti?
    No, there are no any extra charges while booking movie tickets online from Khalti.
  • Can I choose my seat while booking online movie tickets?
    Yes, you have the option to select or change your seats at any time during the movie booking procedure.
  • I booked movie tickets online through  Khalti but did not get the confirmation email / SMS.
    Within 15 minutes of making the payment, you should receive a confirmation notification or email. Check your transaction history if you didn’t receive the confirmation notification (where you can download the tickets). If your transaction is not shown in transaction history, please contact our support team at Toll Free: 1660-01-5-8888, Phone: 01-5970017, Viber/WhatsApp: 9801165561, or email us at help@khalti.com.
  • I accidentally booked my movie tickets for today instead of tomorrow, can you change the tickets?
    No once a ticket has been booked it cannot be changed.
  • Can I change my seat numbers?
    You can change your seat number before booking the movie but once the movie has been booked the seat number cannot be changed.
  • Can we cancel or replace our movie tickets once booked?
    Once the ticket has been booked you cannot cancel or replace the tickets. 


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