Follow the steps below to book movie tickets online in Nepal using Khalti digital wallet. 

 Step 1: Register and log in to Khalti  from the Khalti application or Web Dashboard.

 Step 2: Click the “Movie Book” icon on the main screen 

 Step 3:  In list of available program select the movie you want to book

 Step 4: Choose your preferred date, show time and theater 

 Step 5: Click on your preferred seat, and your payment details will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click “Buy Now” to continue 

 Step 6: Confirm the details to make the payment .

 Step 7: After clicking “Accept”, your payment will be successful and you will get an instant refund 


Still confused? Watch a video on how to book movie tickets online using the Khalti app:


Why stay in line when you can book and pay online?

With Khalti, you don’t have to stand in queues to catch your favorite stars in action. We’ve made your movie ticket booking experience absolutely smooth in just 7 easy clicks!

Say goodbye to the old way of booking movie tickets and go online with Khalti!

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