As Khalti approaches its 7th anniversary, we can’t help but reflect on the incredible journey we’ve had so far. Throughout our journey, we have introduced a variety of features, some of which are exclusive to Khalti. These features have guaranteed smooth and user-friendly transactions, enhancing convenience for our users.  

Keeping that in mind,  we have planned a seven-year journey “ Khalti ko साथ (७ )”, and each journey will be based on services launched in each year of operation. This campaign is introduced to make our anniversary more eventful for our users. 


Your Journey starts here:



Year 1: The Start

In our initial year, Khalti set the stage by introducing groundbreaking services such as Flight Booking, Movie Booking, and the Khalti Payment Gateway (KPG). Users who have used all three services will get a Khati balance of Rs 100.   


Year 2: Happenings

In the second year, Khalti moved a step ahead and introduced Bank Transfers, Events, and the engaging Khalti Quiz. Those who have used all these services will win 5,000 Khalti points. 


Year 3: Empower

In year three, Khalti introduced services like Insurance Payment, Smart School, and a Voting System; those who have used all these services will get a chance to win Smartband. 



Year 4: Connect

The fourth year was dedicated to the introduction of EMI Payments, Bank Link Payments, Data Pack recharges, Scan and Pay, Government Payments, and Bus Booking services; those who have used all of these services will win 2000 Khalti points.



Year 5: Innovation

Khalti introduced services like Cable Car payments, Fonepay Scan and Pay, and the Setup Free Withdraw Account feature in its fifth year, those who have used all these services will get a chance to win a couple movie coupons.



Year 6: Daaami Year

Year six saw Khalti elevate the user experience with services like Daami QR, Khalti Pro, Khalti Suraksha, and the thrilling Challenges Arena. Those who have participated in these services will get, a Khalti balance of Rs 100.



Year 7: 7 ko साथ 

In our seventh year, we proudly unveil new horizons with the Bluebook Tax Calculator, Topup Ma Thailand, and the Worldlink Ma Dubai Offer/Internet Payment Ma Scratch Card, those who have used these services will get a Rs 75 Khalti balance.






Year 1 

Flight Booking, Movie Booking, Khalti Payment Gateway (KPG).

100rs Khalti balance 

Jan 17-20

Year 2 

Bank Transfers, Events,  Khalti Quiz

Khalti points 5,000.

Jan 21-24

Year 3 

Insurance Payment, Smart School, Voting System,

Chance to win a smart band 

Jan 25-29


Steps to User Journey: 

Step 1:  Sign In or Login to Khalti 

Step 2:  Swipe right on Homepage 

Step 3: Click on User Journey 

Step 4: Start unlocking journeys  

Note: Make sure the Khalti App is updated to the latest version.   



Steps to claim instant rewards  

Upon reaching each milestone, You can click on “claim” and unveil your well-earned reward by scratching it away.  

Note: Received rewards will be visible on the Promo code section: Journey 


We invite our users to embark on a nostalgic journey through the years, reliving the evolution of Khalti’s services. Here’s to seven years of growth. Thank you for being an integral part of Khalti’s incredible journey!


Terms and conditions: 

  •  The offer is valid from 19th January to March 1 for 45 Days.
  • The Khalti ID must be KYC verified.
  • The Offer is valid for all Khalti users: Consumer, Khalti Pasal


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