Dear girls out there, we are pleased to announce that we have launched the Khalti Smart Chhori campaign. We invite you to join 9,999 other girls and young women across the nation in this campaign and be a role model and influencer in your community.

Khalti Smart Chhori is a special e-learning platform inside the Khalti app where you will learn about the basics of digital payments, online security, and personal finance. After participating in this program, you will also learn about various digital and financial knowledge and skills.

Benefits of joining the program

  1. You will be trained to become digitally literate, manage money and transactions through digital wallets, the internet and smartphones.
  2. You will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and attitude which can change your life by helping you gain independence, establish good financial habits, discuss saving, budgeting, expenses with family members & improve their future prospect for decent work opportunities.
  3. Most importantly, you will get an opportunity to network with like-minded girls nationwide, form a community, and learn by sharing. It will definitely help in your future and career.


Eligibility for participation 

  1. Must be a female from age group 15-35 years
  2. Should have a smartphone & access to the internet
  3. Should be committed to improving the lives of people in their community through digital payment technology
  4. Must be willing to encourage more and more females in their family & local community to become Smart Chhori and empower societies
  5. Should be interested to be an active part of Khalti Smart Chhori Network (A digital workforce of Girls in Nepal that will empower the nation for a common digital vision of smart societies and help Nepal drive towards a cashless nation)

How to join?

  1. Download the Khalti app, sign up and log in
  2. Click on the #SmartChhori banner on the home screen of the app
  3. Earn while you learn
  4. Become a certified Khalti Smart Chhori
Enroll in Smart Chhori

Enrol in Smart Chhori

What will happen after you become Khalti Smart Chhori?

  1. You will empower yourself, and simplify the lives of your family members and people in your community through digital payments
  2. You will empower other girls in your community to become Smart Chhori, network with fellow Smart Chhoris in your community, and have regular meetups and share ideas among the group to take your community forward
Call for Applications from 10,000 girls to become Khalti Smart Chhori for digitally empowered Nepal

Become a Smart Chhori

Download Khalti app and join Smart Chhori program today: khalti.com/download