We are glad to bring a special offer to our valued users on the occasion of New Year 2076! As part of this offer, users who load fund in Khalti using Nepal Investment Bank (NIBL) eBanking and SMS Banking service will get a 10% bonus instantly. It is a limited time offer and will be valid from 23 April 2019 to 03 May 2019 onlySo, hurry up and load the fund in your Khalti account using NIBL, now! For further details about this offer, please go through the terms and conditions below.

Terms and Conditions:

1. This offer is valid from 23 April 2019 to 03 May 2019

2. Offer can be redeemed only once during the Offer Period, with the one registered mobile number

3. Only new users who have not loaded Khalti account using NIBL yet are eligible to avail of this offer

4. Users will get a 10% bonus after a successful load

5. Offer is applicable on a minimum load of Rs 400, with a maximum bonus of Rs 100

6. Bonus will be auto-credited to the user’s Khalti wallet within 12 hours from the time of the transaction. In case the user did not get a bonus, the user should write to support@khalti.com

7. Bonus amount cannot be transferred to any other person or to any bank account

8. Khalti reserves the right to add, modify, or discontinue the terms and conditions of this offer at any time without prior notice, at its sole discretion

9. In no event the aggregate liability of Khalti shall exceed the amount of Bonus, the User is entitled to, under this Offer

10. Unlawful modification or abuse of the Offer is prohibited

11. Khalti disclaims all third party liabilities that may arise from or in connection with this offer

12. Khalti has the right to end or call back any or all of its offer without prior notice.

How to load fund in Khalti via Nepal Investment Bank NIBL SMS banking?

1. Open NIBL Mobile Banking App on your smartphone

2. Tap on ‘Transfer’, and tap on ‘Khalti Wallet Transfer’

3. Enter the amount you want to load, your Khalti ID (phone number), and tap on ‘NEXT’

4. Enter your NIBL Mobile Banking PIN and tap on ‘SEND REQUEST’

5. Your Khalti wallet will be loaded. You will get a confirmation message on your mobile phone from the bank about the transaction.

6. You can now go to your ‘Khalti’ app and see ‘Transaction History’ for confirmation.

Confused? Watch the tutorial video on how to load fund in Khalti via Nepal Investment Bank (NIBL) SMS banking here.

How to load fund in Khalti via Nepal Investment Bank NIBL eBanking?

1. Open and log in to Khalti app on your smartphone or via web dashboard on khalti.com

2. Tap on ‘Load Fund’, tap on E-Banking, and choose NIBL from amongst the list of banks

3. Enter the amount you want to load and tap on ‘LOAD FUND’

4. eBanking site of Nepal Investment Bank (NIBL) will load. Log in to the site using your ‘eBanking User ID’ and ‘Password’.

5. Tap on ‘Make Payment’

6. A verification code will be sent to your registered mobile number and to your email address. Enter the verification code, and tap on ‘Transfer’

Your wallet will be loaded instantly. For confirmation, you will be receiving a message from Khalti on your mobile number

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