Khalti presents GBG BizFest 2019, the first of its kind and biggest startup exhibition of Nepal attracts 120+ Startups And 5000+ Visitors

Nepal witnessed the country’s biggest startup exhibition last Saturday, on 5 January. Over 120 innovative startups of Nepal had exhibited their products and services to their prospective clients at the Khalti presents GBG BizFest 2019. The event was organized by Google Business Group and WomenWill in main collaboration with Khalti.

The expo tried to bring every kind of startups together in a single platform. The participating startups ranged from online game developing companies to those working on animation production, from digital marketing to 3D printing, from online shopping startups to the companies that manage Cash-On-Delivery to these startups, from online education to online medicine, Nepali clothing brands and handicrafts to agro-startups among others. The participating startups include Foodmario, Tyre Treasures, Kullabs, Dulwa.com, RamroCV, R&D Innovation Solution, Restro Order, Sroth Code Games, Ebeema, NepXpress, and Offering Happiness to name a few.

The visitors in the program, comprised both students as well as jobholders, seemed keenly interested to know about the emerging startups in Nepal and their products and services. The event also provided a learning platform for students and others who want to start their own businesses in the future.

The participants also got to learn various new Google tools through workshops that were delivered by experts in the industry.

Raushan Jaiswal from Rara Themes conducts Interactive Workshop on Ads and Analytics for Business Growth amid GBG BizFest 2019

Raushan Jaiswal from Rara Themes conducts Interactive Workshop on Ads and Analytics for Business Growth amid GBG BizFest 2019

These scenes at the BizFest clearly showed that Nepali youths are increasingly inclined towards entrepreneurship.

Khalti presents GBG BizFest 2019_Crowd

Khalti presents GBG BizFest 2019

Enthused by the huge turnout of visitors and startups in the BizFest, Amit Agrawal, Manager of GBG Kathmandu shared,

Startup is a recent phenomenon in Nepal. We can see many startups emerging to solve various need gaps existing in our society. However, not many people know about the emerging Nepali startups and there was no such expo focused on startups only. Also, it’s not possible for all recently founded startups to pay a heavy fee to exhibit in expos. Thus, GBG Kathmandu in collaboration with Khalti took an initiation to bring all major startups of Nepal in a single platform. Through Khalti presents GBG BizFest 2019, we tried providing them with a free and open platform to connect with their potential users and customers.

The event turned out to be an ideal platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to meet and talk with fellow entrepreneurs who have already founded startups and gain knowledge and ideas. The event also provided an opportunity for exhibitors to get opinion and feedback from the people.

Khalti had taken an initiation to host the expo in collaboration with GBG Kathmandu as a CSR and giving back to the society. And, the response from the participating startups and visitors was much beyond what we expected.

GBG Kathmandu has planned to make the BizFest an annual event.

Khalti presents GBG BizFest 2019

Khalti presents GBG BizFest 2019

Thank you all for making Khalti presents GBG BizFest 2019 the most successful and biggest startup meet of Nepal. See you again next year in Khalti presents GBG BizFest 2020!