Plans K छ ? Want to attend the most happening events of Kathmandu Valley or anywhere near you, but are having a hard time finding tickets? With Khalti you can find out about most happening events around you. 

Whether it’s concerts, sports events, movies, theater shows, or cultural festivals, Khalti offers a diverse selection to cater to different interests and preferences. Visit https://events.khalti.com/ to find out about the upcoming events inside  and outside the valley and buy tickets for events easily with just a few taps. 


Plan K छ ?  Buy ticket for events through Khalti app

  • Signup and login to your Khalti account through Khalti app or website khalti.com
  • Click on Event icon on the home-screen
  • Browse events and click on the particular event for which you want to buy a ticket for.
  • Enter your details and confirm your transaction using available payment method
  • Go to My Tickets menu where you will find a digital copy of the ticket.
  • Show your tickets in the gate on the Event day. 


Plan K छ ? Buy tickets for events through Khalti Web

  • Go to https://events.khalti.com/
  • Select your desired event and click on it
  • Specify your ticket count
  • Click on buy ticket
  • Enter your personal details and click on proceed
  • Enter your Khalti ID and Password/MPIN 
  • Proceed for Payment 
  • Show your tickets in the gate on the Event day. 


Khalti ensures that the risk of losing physical tickets is eliminated as users can conveniently transfer tickets to friends or family members using the app, enabling seamless event planning and enjoyment together. So, don’t forget to carry the digital copy of your ticket along with you on the event day.


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