Can’t decide on a place to hang out? Or looking for a place to spend quality Family Time together? Worry not as we introduce you to our new feature: Places by Khalti.

Places by Khalti is a feature where users can find their favorite places and gain exclusive access to a variety of options. Go to Places in Khalti – Explore various places for adventures, recreation & discover exclusive deals, and make your plans. 

Additionally, you can pre-book tickets to these places directly from Khalti avoiding long queues in ticket counters.

From Zipline in Dhulikhel to Hot Air Balloon adventure in Pokhara and from Thrilling Water Park in Birgunj to the Family Entertainment Center in Dhumbarahi, find all the possible Places within a few steps in Khalti.

So, Where are you going this week ?

To explore your Places:

Step 1: Sign up/log in to Khalti.

Step 2: Go to the entertainment section.

Step 3: Tap on Places 

Step 4: Select the adventure you want to experience

Step 5: Buy Tickets

Step 6: Proceed to pay 

Note: You can filter the places by their location as well.


Exclusive discount at Places by Khalti


Kathmandu Valley


Opps Nepal, Dhumbarhi –  Oops Nepal is Nepal’s first family entertainment park. Indoor and outdoor games such as arcade, redemption, virtual reality, shooting, racing, zipline, climbing can be enjoyed in the park.

Astrek  Wall Climbing, Lalitpur –  Astrek wall  climbing is one of the oldest and most popular climbing walls in Kathmandu.

Khalti users can enjoy these at an exclusive price at 5% discount. 


Dhulikhel Zipline, Dhulikhel – Dhulikhel Zipline is a destination for adventure seekers, where you can zip from one mountain to another, secured and guided by specialists.



Actual price 

Discounted price 

Classic Zipline 



Superman Zipline 



Tandem ( Couple) Zipline 



SkyWalk Tower, Kamladi –  Enjoy the mesmerizing view of Kathmandu, from Sky Tower located in Kamladi. 


Grill Nation, Battisputali – Experience a very first premium Live Grill on the table and varieties of food unlimitedly with one price. Dine-in & enjoy the infusion flavor of Nepalese, Chinese and Indian cuisine to fulfill your taste bud. 40+ dishes served.

Exclusive offer for Khalti users. 


Actual price 

Exclusive price for Khalti users 

Non-Veg Buffet

    NPR 1496/- 

    NPR 1,196/- 

Veg Buffet

    NPR 1196/- 

    NPR 896/- 


Additional Benefit: One complimentary mocktail worth NPR 499/- for every diner




Hot Air Balloon, Pokhara – Picture this: floating high above Pokhara like a giant, colorful bubble in the sky! That’s what hot air ballooning in Pokhara is all about. You hop into a huge basket, the balloon fills up with hot air, and whoosh! Up you go!

Khalti is offering an exclusive deal for Balloon Nepal bookings. Use the promo code “BALLOON” during checkout and enjoy a 10% cashback of up to Rs. 500 on your booking. 


Zipflyer- World Steepest Zipline – Don’t miss out on the opportunity to fly through the skies and take in the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas from a unique perspective. Hold on tight as you take on the steepest zip-line in the world, with a starting incline of an adrenaline-pumping 56 degrees.




Thrill Factory and Water Park, Birgunj-  Get ready to experience the ultimate thrill at Thrill Factory and Water Park. Thrill Factory provides you with a platter of games, activities and good food too!



Water Kingdom Park and Resort, Jhapa – Introducing a one-of-a-kind water adventure park! It’s big and filled with fun things to do in the water. 




Newa Lahana – The menu that truly sets Mewa Lahana apart. Rooted in the rich culinary traditions of the Newar community, the restaurant offers a tantalizing array of dishes that showcase the diverse flavors of Nepali Cuisine.

 Additionally, Get flat Rs 300 off on Newa Lahana Set




ATV funtrail – Embark on Guided ATV Tour and allow a team of experienced professionals to lead you to undiscovered wonders in Pokhara that aren’t marked on any map. Whether you’re an experienced ATV enthusiast or new to the adventure, they will ensure you’re fully prepared with expert guidance and training to explore the trails with assurance.


Bungee and Swings –   Experience thrilling Bungee and Swing in Pokhara, Kusma. The platform of the Kushma bungee and Swing is the same and the only difference is the use of rope and the nature of diving. One goes horizontal and another vertical.


Many more stops and destinations are coming soon to your place….

So, don’t wait, let Khalti be your one stop to find destinations. 

Find the destination in the first few taps and pay for the tickets to the destination in the next few taps. 

Happy exploring! 


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