Main Responsibilities

  1. Onboard Businesses  
  2. Identify market opportunities for  business
  3. Maintaining key merchants for business growth


Job Description


  1. Approach and visit prospects on a daily basis
  2.  Provide pitch to industry verticals or service categories to different verticals with a clear Playbook Developed by the Business Department with a clear target of conversion
  3. Plan strategies and campaigns for generating leads 
  4. Maintain a proper database of information in company CRM.
  5. Report to supervisor in the standard format of the Department
  6. Identify and Analyze market information and provide feedback to the supervisor.
  7. Develop weekly/monthly/quarterly action plans for lead generation to conversion.
  8. Coordinate with the Merchant Operation team on a Daily basis to onboard merchants for deal close as per Standard Operating Procedure
  9. Contribute to the betterment of the business team, culture, and values development
  10. Keep the company discipline and code of conduct intact during and after office hours


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