Digital Broadcasting services have reached the remotest of villages in Nepal. But, people in such an area have to walk for hours to reach a nearby shop to buy recharge cards. And, in city areas, amidst hectic schedules and busy routines, it happens many times that you miss out on your due date resulting in disrupted cable TV services in Nepal. Now, worry no more!  In situations like these, the facility to recharge DTH TV online using Khalti will come handy.


What is DTH / Digital TV? 

DTH stands for Direct-To-Home television. It was established in 2010. It is a mode of receiving satellite television by means of signals transmitted from direct-broadcast satellites. DTH service provider in Nepal is operated by Dish Media Network LTD. It provides a high-quality picture on your television screen. DTH has been providing a digital signal to its customers for more than eleven years. 

Thinking of transitioning from analog to DTH TV?

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You can recharge your DTH online in Nepal and get set to experience the widest list of channels without physically reaching the operator. Your DTH recharge is just a few clicks away with Khalti.


Instant Online Digital TV recharge in Nepal

If you are facing the hassle of visiting the shop to recharge your TV, start using  Khalti for an instant, hassle-free, and secure monthly recharge for Dishhome in Nepal and other operators on your TV. With a click of a button, you can get your DTH recharge done and enjoy uninterrupted DTH services along with exciting cashback and offers. Stay indoor! Stay safe! Recharge your digital TV with Khalti and never run out of your favorite shows.


List of Top Digital TV Providers in Nepal in 2021


Dish Home


Dish Home is a prominent DTH service provider in Nepal. It offers digital HD TV channels in an affordable package. Due to our busy schedule, we happen to miss out on our due date resulting in disrupted DTH services and late fee charges.

Now, worry not! Dish Home recharge in Nepal is just a few clicks away with Khalti. Recharge your DishHome cable with Khalti from anywhere and anytime and enjoy  1% cashback. 




Now, you do not necessarily need to have a big-screen TV at your home to watch shows. From the Net TV app, you can watch your special shows from anywhere and at any time. All you have to do is recharge your Net TV app via Khalti, buy your preferred package or channels and never miss out on your most favorite shows.

Make your NetTV bill payment from Khalti.


Clear TV


Most of us grew up watching black and white television to color and HD TV. For our better TV experience, Clear TV has been providing customers with high-definition channels in Nepal. To satisfy customer’s needs, Clear TV has tied up with Khalti as a payment partner to make cable TV service payments easier.

Easily make your  ClearTV payment online from Khalti & enjoy your movies and shows. 


Mero TV


With MeroTV, you can enjoy numerous channels of high picture quality. Now, you no longer have to face the hassle of paying Mero TV’s bills.

Start to use Khalti and make online MeroTV recharge possible from anywhere and anytime you want. 


Sim TV


If you want to watch your favorite channel in HD at a low monthly rate, SimTV recharge in Nepal can be the best option for you. This Digital channel provider in Nepal is useful to change your analog channel into a digital channel. To have an uninterrupted Sim TV experience, always recharge SimTV in Nepal using Khalti and enjoy exciting offers as well.


Prabhu TV


Prabhu TV provides numerous channels to its customers in high quality. You can now watch TV from anywhere by downloading the Prabhu TV app on your mobile. Prabhu TV offers a standard package with varieties of channels. The packages are affordable. More importantly, you can make your online Prabhu TV payment in Nepal by staying at home online from Khalti.


Flexible Option For Online Cable TV Bill Payment in Nepal


These days, popular DTH services like Dish Home are available almost in all rural and urban areas of Nepal. However, many DTH’s customers in most of the remote areas are under compulsion to walk for hours to purchase recharge cards. Likewise, even in urban areas, due to people’s busy schedules, they happen to miss out on their due date resulting in disrupted DTH services. 

Are you facing the same problem? Worry not! Because you do not necessarily have to visit a shop to recharge your TV. For your better experience, Khalti has made it possible to recharge your Dish Home online staying at home within a few seconds. 

Start recharging DTH from home and enjoy your most favorite shows without interruption.

 Save your time and money by recharging your TV from home and getting exciting offers starting today!


Currently, you can recharge the following DTH operators online using Khalti:


  1. Dish Home HD Digital TV
  2. SimTV
  3. Mero TV
  4. ClearTV
  5. MaxTV
  6. Net TV (IPTV)
  7. 3G Vision
  8. Sky TV
  9. BBN
  10. Nijgadh TV
  11. Prabhu TV
  12. P&G Network TV
  13. Jagriti National (TV)
  14. STS Cable
  15. Chitrawan CableMore will be added soon!

How to recharge DTH online in Nepal?


Follow these 3 easy steps to pay your Digital TV bill online in Nepal:

Step 1. Signup and Login to Khalti from Khalti App or Web Dashboard

Step 2.Select the preferred DTH operator from the home screen to get started

Step 3.Enter your CAS/Chip/ID/Account Number & Amount

Step 4: Tap on Get Details

Step 5: Fill in the requisite amount and there you go!


Amazing cashback offers in recharging DTH online using Khalti


Khalti Digital Wallet is a standardized payment platform in Nepal that facilitates you to recharge your Dish Home, Mero TV, Net TV, Sim TV, Prabhu TV,  and more while staying at home. Khalti also offers exciting cashback and bonuses while recharging via Khalti. Be Smart! Recharge your TV without physically visiting the operator from Khalti and have a better experience. 

You can save extra money when you make a recharge with Khalti. Get instant cash backs on every transaction for Digital TV recharge. Don’t ever miss your favorite shows, EVER!!

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