With this fast-paced life, we often forget to pay our insurance premium on time. Khalti has brought a solution for this, pay insurance premiums on time through your smartphone using Khalti! Khalti presents an easy and seamless insurance premium payment service in Nepal. Now pay Premier Insurance premium online through Khalti and get rid of delays.

Visiting insurance offices or banks to make payments is time-consuming and costly. Through Khalti’s online payment, you can pay your premium anytime and anywhere on a timely basis. This is an easy way to pay your insurance premiums conveniently without any hassle.

We are excited to announce to our valued Khalti users that you can now pay Premier Insurance Premium through your mobile phone within a few minutes.

Make Premier Insurance Premium Payment online through Khalti anytime and anywhere, save your time.

Types of Insurance Plans available at Premier Insurance

  1. Fire Insurance
  2. Livestock and Crop Insurance
  3. Household Insurance
  4. Marine and Cargo Insurance
  5. Vehicle Insurance
  6. Burglary Insurance
  7. Cash in Transit Insurance
  8. Fidelity Guarantee Insurance
  9. Personal Accident Insurance
  10. Hospitalization/Medical Insurance, etc.

Pay Premier Insurance Premium from Khalti in these five simple steps:

1. Signup and login to Khalti app on your smartphone or Khalti Web Dashboard, Khalti.com

2. Tap on the Insurance icon on the home screen and tap on ‘Premier Insurance’

3. Enter your Acceptance No and tap on Submit

4. Type of insurance, Performa Number, Sum Insured, Insured Description, and payable amount will appear on the screen. Tap on PAY BILL

5. Tap on the OK button on the prompt box to complete the transaction

Your Premier Insurance Premium payment is successful. You will also receive an SMS on your phone about the confirmation of Premier Insurance Premium payment.

Don’t have enough fund in your Khalti wallet for payment of Premier Insurance Premium? Load fund instantly using mobile banking, eBanking, bank voucher deposit, Khalti Pasal, connectIPS and more methods! How?

About Premier Insurance Company (Nepal) Limited

Premier Insurance Company (Nepal) Limited was incorporated on 12th May 1994. Now, it has emerged as a leading general insurance company in Nepal.

Comprised of prominent entrepreneurs, the promoters of the company have brought their experiences, entrepreneurial talent and leadership skills to add to the company’s growth.

Regularly trained on the latest technology, Premier’s staff provides efficient service to its customers. They are also trained on developing innovative and custom-made products, better risk management solutions and quality service for maximum security to customers.

The company’s dedication to providing better customer service also reflects through its associations with leading insurance and reinsurance securities of the world rated, highly for claim payment capabilities by reputed agencies like Standard & Poor (S&P).

Today, Premier Insurance has the best and most secure reinsurance arrangements to cover all types of claim settlements.

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