Renewing your Bluebook with Khalti is even more rewarding now. Renew your Bluebook today from Khalti and get a chance to win a digital Scratch Card of Kaka Garage. Khalti’s Pick and Drop service has ease the process of Bluebook renewal, saving you time and effort. At just a minimal starting price of Rs. 350 you can renew your Bluebook in the comfort of your finger. Kaka Garage which is located in Shankhamul is offering the below offers: 


Offers by Kaka Garage 

  • Free servicing (i.e. labour charges worth 400) to a winner on a weekly basis till The Biggest Payment Jatra.
  • Free servicing (i.e. labour charges worth 400) to the 5 winners every 15 days 
  • Win Scratch Cards worth 10% Cashback (up to Rs. 200),  valid only on purchase of Spare parts 


How to renew your Bluebook with Khalti

  1. Open Khalti app
  2. Go to Bluebook Tax Calculator
  3. Enter the required fields 
  4. Click on calculate 
  5. You will get the invoice, click on get details 
  6. After getting the details you can move to the next step for registering for pick and drop service and paying the amount.
  7. Enter the required fields & upload your documents
  8. Confirm your detail and make the payment 



  1. Valid till: Ashar 31, 2080
  2. One-time use only
  3. KYC verified users only
  4. Users will get scratch card after the payment of Rs 100
  5. Users will not receive Scratch cards after Scan and Pay, Voting and event payments
  6. It is exclusively available within Kathmandu valley


More on Khalti’s The Biggest Payment Jatra


Did you know that Khalti’s The Biggest Jatra has करोडौँको अफर this time! Yes, you have the chance to win Pulsar N160 5 times! This time there are 4 rounds you can participate in with each round ending with the Bumper Prize of bike. Moreover, those who complete all Round’s payments will also be eligible in the Bonus Round for the 5th bike giveaway. 

‘The Biggest Payment Jatra’ is filled with offers, such as Crore + Scratch Cards you can receive after every payment of Rs.100. The scratch card consists of Gifts, Coupons, and Cashback vouchers for you to enjoy at various services. Also, don’t forget to break your Daily Khutruke which also consists of Gifts, Coupons, and Cashback vouchers for you to enjoy. 


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