An ample amount of queries about loading money in Khalti from Standard Chartered Bank has been answered. Yes, now you can !!

Now you can load money directly from  Standard Chartered Mobile Banking app, to your Khalti Wallet conveniently. 

Benefit of Load Money

It provides a convenient way to access funds without carrying cash.

Load money anywhere any time 

– You can load up-to Rs  1,00,000 at a single time. 

– No extra money is deducted while loading the fund 

So, how can we load money
Here how 

  1. Activate your Standard Chartered Account Mobile Banking 
  2. Tap on Bill pay 
  3. Click on Load wallet
  4. Select Khalti 
  5. Enter Your Khalti Id, amount required 
  6. Proceed to pay


So, with just a few steps you can load your wallet conveniently.  Hurry up and get the loading game begin.

About Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited has been serving the Nepalese community since 1987 when it was first established as a joint-venture operation. Today, it stands as a vital component of the esteemed Standard Chartered Group, with the group holding a significant ownership stake of 70.21%. Additionally, 29.79% of the shares are owned by the public of Nepal, reinforcing its local and international roots.