From the decades, the evolution of money has been changing from barter; coins; paper; plastic and now phones. These days, many companies are revolutionizing the money and replacing it with a mobile wallet in Nepal. Every Nepalese holding their smartphones probably have a digital wallet installed or waiting to be downloaded. People are using an online payment gateway to complete their day to day tasks from paying a utility bill to buying a movie ticket. 

Digital wallet has shifted away from the traditional method of paying for goods and services to the mobile form of payment. Mobile payments have proven to be the most convenient way to pay for transactions reducing mess-up for cash, write out checks or wait for invoices. It is abridged with just a tap of your phone. 

If you haven’t jumped on the trend yet, check out these top 5 reasons why mobile wallets are gaining popularity:

Convenient Option:

The very first obvious reason; it is convenient and quick. Mobile wallet enables transactions to be completed in just a few clicks. This has improved the customer experience as they don’t need to carry a physical wallet with their cards and cash. In mere seconds, the transaction can be completed using a digital wallet without any hassle. It is also saving precious time allowing users to load cash and pay their bill instantly.

Enhanced Security:

Digital wallet is much safer than carrying cash or credit card in your wallet. Using mobile wallets such as Khalti Digital Wallet is more secure and reliable than paying through cash or credit cards. A simple mobile app can increase the level of security and reduce the possibility of fraud. Even if you lost your phone, your all information is encrypted in mobile wallets so the details of your credit cards aren’t accessible to others. And, your phone can’t be opened with your identification number or a fingerprint and nowadays, face recognition. Thus, getting to your data is much tougher.

Improves Customer Experience:

As online payment can speed up the payment process, it highly impacts the entire customer experience. For instance, individuals can pay utility bill instantly using Digital wallet in Nepal. It can become a vital part of everyday life. Whether it is for buying any goods or paying bills, people are ready to embrace mobile payments as it avoids wait times and they can pay any time anywhere easily. 

Easy, Quick and Accessible:

With mobile wallets, your day- to- day transaction becomes easier and quicker to process. Plus, your phone is always easily accessible than other devices. It eliminates the time spent on the queue to pay a bill and entering all details to access the card. So, every time you make a payment, with just a click, your payment succeeds. Just pick up your phone, select the vendor, type the amount and here you go!

Receive Discounts, Bonus and Rewards:

Mobile wallets in Nepal like Khalti Digital Wallet often offers many cashback, bonuses, promotion, reward points, gifts and other incentives that can save money. Digital wallets have much collaboration with their merchants with different cashback and bonus offers. This will benefit users in the purchase of any goods or service at a lower rate or even free. For example, recently Khalti wallet has much cashback on internet bill payment, mobile top-up, ride-sharing, movie ticket and lots more. 

The prominent payment gateway in Nepal, Khalti Digital Wallet has left a lasting impression among Nepalese users. This app allows you to manage your transaction efficiently and conveniently with outstanding features, cashback, and offers. So, manage your money anywhere and at any time giving more freedom to pay bills, book movie tickets and many more.

So, if you are looking for a life-changing financial management app, just download Khalti App to bring convenience and ease to your life.