• In recent years, Quora has developed as an unmissable platform for youths, an online platform where questions are asked, answered, edited, and organized by communities of users
  • It is believed that Quora has more than 200 million monthly unique visitors all over the globe and as many as 50,000 users in Nepal alone
  • Quora is believed to have information on over 500,000 topics

Similar to what is the norm all across the world, Quora enthusiasts in Nepal too were following each other in the virtual world and sharing and admiring each other’s knowledge and ideas.

Slowly, they felt the necessity to come together and turn virtual friends into real-life friends. Hence, Quora Community Nepal (QCN) was born out of the collective effort on 18 November 2016. Since then, the group is actively working to promote knowledge sharing on subjects pertaining to Nepal.

Likewise, seeing numbers of Quora Meetups – special social events of Quora users – being organized in different parts of the world, the Nepali group of Quora users too came up with a similar concept to serve multiple purposes like bonding with each other, learn and share their knowledge, discuss and come to a conclusion on some topics, and create a real network.

QCN’s Inaugural Meetup was held at Taragaon Museum on 22 July 2017. The second Meetup – ‘Quora World Meetup: 2017’ – was a crowd-puller in which as many as 75 enthusiastic Quorans participated. The group was formally recognized by Quora after the success of the meetup.

This time again, on 27 January 2018, Quora users of Nepal are gearing up for yet another special meetup. This time, they will hear and interact with Co-founders of various promising startups in Kathmandu.

Themed at ‘Entrepreneurship and Startup Ecology’, Anil Basnet, Co-founder and CEO of Metro Tarkari, Rohit Tiwari, Co-founder and CEO of Food Mario, Sandesh Poudyal, Co-founder and CFO of Creative Services Nepal, and Sixit Bhatta, Co-founder, and CEO of Tootle will be sharing their entrepreneurial experiences with the young Quorans of Kathmandu.

In a conversation with the Khalti team, Dipendra Poudel, the co-founder of QCN shared,

“There are many wannabe entrepreneurs on Quora community. Every person has some sets of ideas which they desire to materialize. The startup atmosphere is now growing in Nepal. Youths are coming forward to test their ideas in the market. In this edition of meetup, we have invited young and promising startup founders who are attempting to disrupt the market with the utilization of technology. This meetup will intend to create a bridge between desires and dreams.”

Are you too a passionate Quora user and want to hear from these incredible entrepreneurs? Then, you can’t miss this!

Event Details:

Date: 27 January 2018

Time: 10:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Venue: Patan Museum Premises

Investment: Rs.100

To participate in the meetup, register here.

Khalti is proud to support the event and encourage the young Quorans of Nepal.