Job Specification


Education Level : Bachelor or + 2 graduate
Experience Required : More than or equal to 1 year
Professional Skill Required : Marketing Management Public Relations Interpersonal Skills Verbal Communication


Job Level : Entry Level


JD for Junior/Mid-Level Motion Graphics and Graphic Designer


Create Engaging Motion Graphics:

Craft mesmerizing motion graphics and animations for our marketing campaigns, product showcases, social media content, and digital platforms.

Thoughtful Graphic Design:

Develop graphic design elements that breathe life into various marketing materials, including banners, posters, brochures, and social media graphics.  


Conceptualize and Storyboard:

Collaborate with our team to shape storyboards, concepts, and visual narratives for motion graphic projects.


 Edit Videos with Flair:

Add your touch to video content, ensuring smooth transitions, compelling effects, and an overall visual wow factor.  

Typography and Visual Mastery:

Incorporate typography and visual effects that not only look great but also convey stories effectively.  

Guardians of Brand Consistency

Ensure that every motion graphic, animation, and graphic design element adheres to our brand guidelines, keeping our visual identity cohesive and memorable.  

Collaboration is Key

Work closely with cross-functional teams—marketing, design, and content—to understand project requirements and deliver assets that speak to our audience’s hearts.

Stay Ahead of the Curve:

Stay in tune with industry trends and emerging technologies in motion graphics and graphic design. Your innovative ideas will keep us at the forefront.  


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