Job Description

Main responsibilities

  • Coordination with Internal and External Stakeholders
  • Formulation of Policy and Procedure
  • Review and revision of Legal Documents from a Compliance and Business perspective
  • Internal review and audit
  • Monitoring of AML/CFT compliance and reporting to NRB
  • Monitoring and assisting on the financial matter of Business Operations
  • Assistance in Business operations optimization
  • Letter drafting and template design and development


  • Prepare internal control policies and guidelines and ensure their relevance and effectiveness
  • Oversee, review, and assist the department lead in implication monitoring of internal controls
  • Oversee and Review legal issues and provide recommendations
  • Preparation, implementation, and update of company policies
  • Responding to queries and complaints from the department regarding compliance matters
  • Review and provide legal advice on MOUS, Contracts, and tender documents along with legal vetting of the same Formulate a compliance checklist for the company to be used to ensure that all information required is provided accordingly
  • Review all contracts or any other documentation which the company has committed itself and assess legal and compliance implications that need to be brought to the management’s attention

Skill required:

  • Semi-qualified CA/ACCA is preferable
  • Minimum 1-year experience in the related field
  • Documentation skill


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