Job Description:  

As the Chief Business Development Officer (CBO) at Khalti Pvt Ltd, you will spearhead strategic business development initiatives to drive the company’s growth and expansion. Your role will involve identifying potential partners, cultivating key relationships, and capitalizing on opportunities for collaboration and strategic alliances. Additionally, you will play a crucial role in enhancing Khalti’s brand reputation through effective PR and industry engagements. With a focus on building innovative products and cultivating a high-performance team, you will work collaboratively with the CEO and senior leaders to achieve our vision and business goals.


Key Responsibilities:


Partnership Development:

Identify and engage potential partners, including Merchants, Khalti Payment business partners, fintech firms, government agencies, and other possible avenues for digital transformation. Manage and negotiate business partnerships, fostering long-term relationships for mutual growth.


Market Research:

Conduct research to identify emerging market trends, customer needs, and potential expansion opportunities. Utilize insights to drive strategic business decisions and promote sustained across the organizations


Brand Reputation and PR:

Represent Khalti at industry events and be the company spokesperson. Build and execute activities that enhance the organization’s vision and brand reputation among external stakeholders. Handle conflicts and crises professionally.


Business and Product Innovation:

Maintain an expert level of understanding of Khalti’s platform and products. Work with internal team members for developing groundbreaking products and establish the same in the market. Provide knowledgeable support to clients and potential partners, both externally and internally.


Team Building and Training:

Build and train a high-performing team across various divisions and products. Foster a culture of innovation and excellence within the team.


Strategic Planning:

Collaborate with the CEO to develop a growth strategy and business plan aligned with the company’s vision and goals.


Digital Ecosystem Building:

Cultivate partnerships and build an ecosystem that enhances Khalti’s market visibility and user acquisition.


Leadership and Management:

Participate in management and investor meetings, offering valuable insights on strategic and fundraising matters.


Financial Performance:

Drive P&L, revenue generation, bottom-line and top-line growth, and increase market share.


Industry Awareness:

Stay informed about the payment industry landscape, competitors, and client requirements. Use this knowledge to innovate and position Khalti as a leading player in the fintech market.


Sales Leadership:

Led a sales team dedicated to onboarding client partners with innovative payment solutions. Develop and implement strategic plans to achieve sales targets.



  •   Minimum Bachelor’s degree in Business, Finance, Economics, IT, or a related field. A Master’s degree or any professional course is a plus.
  •   Proven track record of at least eight years in a leadership role within the fintech or related financial services sector.
  •   Demonstrated experience in successfully driving business growth and achieving revenue targets.
  •   Strong understanding of fintech market trends, emerging technologies, and industry regulations.
  •   Excellent communication, negotiation, and presentation skills.
  •   Strategic thinker with the ability to make data-driven decisions.
  •   Exceptional leadership and team management skills.
  •   Demonstrated ability to build and maintain strong partnerships and client relationships.
  •   Proactive and entrepreneurial mindset, focusing on innovation and continuous improvement.

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