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Connected with Birgunj in the south and Pathlaiya in the north – Simara is a town located in Bara District in the Narayani zone of south-eastern Nepal. Enriched with culture, natural beauty, and diversity, Simara is also a major doorway to popular destinations like Hetauda, Birgunj, and Makwanpur. 

Simara domestic airport is located in Jitpur Simara of Bara District. Also considered as the nearest airport from Kathmandu, it has daily domestic flights from Kathmandu to Simara Route with different airlines with a duration of 20 minutes.


Famous Places to visit from Simara

Gadhimai Temple

Gadhimai Temple is one of the sacred Hindu temples of the sacred Goddess of Power. It is located in Bijayapur Village, Bara District, and is famous for being the world’s largest animal sacrifice in the temple area. Large values of animals are sacrificed in the premise of the temple during the gadhimai festival. However, the sacrifice of animals is banned during the Gadhimai festival in 2015 by the Nepal government.

Parsa Wildlife Reserve

Parsa wildlife reserve is located in the south-central lowland of Nepal, in Parsa , Bara and Makwanpur district. This reserve is also connected with Chitwan National Park of Nepal and Valmiki Tiger Reserve of India. Composed of tropical and subtropical species, the reserve is also enriched with various endangered species like the Asian elephant, Royal Bengal Tiger, Sloth Bear, Leopard, and much more.

The flight to Simara from Kathmandu will take about 20 minutes to reach the park.

Some of the major places that visitors can visit from Simara are Shree Gahawamai Temple in Birgunj, Martyr Memorial Park in Hetauda, and much more.


Domestic Flight Kathmandu to Simara InformationDomestic Flight Kathmandu to Simara Information

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