Swift Holiday’s on The Biggest Payment Jatra – Get 10 Free Bus Tickets & Rs.

100 Off through Khalti


If you’re planning a holiday trip from Kathmandu to Pokhara or vice versa, then Swift Holiday’s on The Biggest Payment Jatra – करोडौँको अफर ! is just what you need. Swift Holiday is a popular bus service provider in Nepal that offers comfortable and safe transportation for passengers. 

As part of the Biggest Payment Jatra by Khalti, Swift Holiday’s is offering 10 bus tickets for free and a flat Rs. 100 off. This means you can save a lot of money on your travel expenses and enjoy a comfortable and hassle-free journey with Swift Holiday.This incredible offer is available through Khalti Payment Jatra – करोडौँको अफर !


How to Get The Vouchers


To participate in This Biggest Payment Jatra  and receive these amazing vouchers, simply make a payment of Rs. 100 or more through the Khalti app. Once your payment is made (except QR payment), you will receive a digital Scratch Card. Scratch the card to reveal your reward, which could be one of Swift Holiday vouchers.


To redeem:


  1. Go to Swift Holiday website or Mobile Application
  2. Enter the Promocode. 
  3. Receive Discounted amount on your bill.


Terms and Conditions: 


  1. Valid till:  Ashar 31, 2080
  2. Offer valid in purchase of bus tickets 
  3. One-time use only
  4. KYC verified users only
  5. Users will not receive Scratch cards after Scan and Pay, Voting and event payments
  6. POS will be able to receive upto 2 Scratch cards per day
  7. Khalti users will receive Scratch Card only 5 times a day


More Offers in The Biggest Payment Jatra – करोडौँको अफर !


In this year’s Biggest Payment Jatra, there are offers worth crores from which you can win exciting prizes every day and receive a Scratch Card after each transaction. With this, you are guaranteed to receive various service coupons, smartwatches, earbuds, movie tickets, and some other gifts every day. But that’s not all! In the crore worth offer, you also have the chance to win 5 Pulsar N160 bikes, 2 iPhone 14s, 8 Smart TVs, and 1 bumper prize of Oneplus 11.The Biggest Payment Jatra will have offers for two months, from Jestha 1 to Asar 31.

These two months will be divided into four rounds: Round 1 (Jestha 1-15), Round 2 (Jestha 16-32), Round 3 (Asar 1-15), and Round 4 (Asar 16-31). In each round, if you complete any two transactions, you will be eligible for a Lucky Draw at the end of that Round. One lucky winner from each round can win a bumper prize in the form of a Pulsar N160 bike. This means there are four opportunities to win a Pulsar N160 bike through the Lucky Draw within two months. Additionally, if you participate in all four Rounds, completing any 2 payments in each round, you will also be eligible for the Bonus Round. In the Bonus Round, one lucky winner will again have the chance to win a Pulsar N160 bike as the bumper prize. This is how you have the opportunity to win a total of five Pulsar N160 bikes in Khalti’s The Biggest Payment Jatra.


More Scratch offers:


के मा ?


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Scratch Card 
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रू. १०० माथिको ह


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