The lockdown period has given many people spare time in their hands, most of us are trying to be fruitful during this time at home from cooking to working from home, find new hobbies or just scrolling mindlessly through apps watching series and movies on Netflix. With a little extra effort, we can take this time as an ideal opportunity to focus on ourselves and make the best out of it.

While many IT professionals, students often complain about a lack of time for learning new skills and taking training that will help to enhance their careers. Why not utilize this time and go through 70 plus IT online courses offered by Broadway Infosys and take one according to your compatibility! And the good news is that you can easily pay for these online courses from Khalti.


Why Choose Broadway Infosys?

Established in 2008, Broadway Infosys Nepal is one of the best inclusive computer training institutes located in Tinkune, Kathmandu, Nepal. With 12 years of expertise in this field, they offer well designed complete professional training in various Programming Languages, Graphics & Multimedia, Web Designing as well as Development Training that is based upon the current recruitment needs in the IT market.

The courses will surely help aspiring students to figure out their careers while they are at home with time to spare. While on the other hand, the working IT professionals can see this opportunity to choose a course according to their needs and to enhance the skills, after all, you should always be open to learning, isn’t it? Also learning new skills is always good, and the certificate you get after the completion gives a lot of value on your resume, with credibility and marketability.  

So here is a list of the top 20 most preferred courses offered by Broadway Infosys which you can easily take from your home. All you need is good internet, Khalti installed on your phone to pay for your desired courses, Laptop or PC and you are all set.


S.No Broadway courses 
1 Java ReactJS
2 Asp.Net MVC Mean Stack
3 Android AI Training
4 Python Web Design UI UX
5 CCNA, CCNP Digital Marketing
6 Data Science Quality Assurance
7 Machine Learning Accounting
8 PHP Laravel GIS
9 Advance Excel SPSS
10 Red Hat C Programming
For more courses:



(For other courses and details please click on the given link).


How to enroll in online IT courses at Broadway Infosys and pay from Khalti?

Step 1: Go to Broadway Infosys’s website https://broadwayinfosys.com/.

Step 2: On the home page scroll down and click on the “Online Class Registration” button

Step 3: After that click on “Online Admission”. 

Step 4: Fill up the details, choose your desired course, the amount you want to pay and select     Khalti for the payment.

Step 5: The payment interface of Khalti opens. You can pay through e-Banking or balance in your Khalti wallet.


To pay from Khalti Wallet:

Step 1: Signup and Login to Khalti from Khalti App or Web Dashboard using Khalti.com

Step 2: Go to Bazaar, select Broadway Infosys and tap on next.

Step 3: Enter all the details, choose your desired course, the amount you want to pay and tap on Next.

Step 4: Check the details, select a payment option and tap on “Place order” to proceed.

Step 5: Confirm the details and tap on Ok to pay. You will get a downloadable order receipt from the transaction section in the Khalti app.

Now you are all ready to take the online course. While the COVID-19 is negatively affecting the world, on the other hand, it is also providing ample opportunities for aspirants to upskill!

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