We have tied up with SuperApp which is a ride-sharing app based in Kathmandu, Nepal. 

SuperApp helps you reach your destination anywhere at any time at affordable fares. This app is convenient to use for offline Booking via SMS, Preferred Person booking, Low Fare, and Fast & Secure Ride.

With or without an Internet connection, it is quick and easy to book a ride (Bike or Car) within a minute from SuperApp and Pay via Khalti.

When using SuperApp to hail a ride and Khalti to pay for the ride, the hassle of purchasing an Internet Data package just for the sake of hailing a ride is eliminated. This makes Khalti and SuperApp a perfect match for anyone who is looking for a no-Internet, cheap, fast and reliable ride-hailing service.


Here is how you can book a Super Ride using Khalti 

  1. Signup/Login to Khalti App
  2. Select the “Ride” icon on the home screen
  3. Tap the ‘SuperApp’ 
  4. Enter Receiver’s Khalti id 
  5. Enter the amount to be paid
  6. Press “Send” with “wallet” as a payment option to make offline payment
  7. Or Press “Send” with “m-banking” or “e-banking’ option if making a payment with an Internet connection. It should be noted, if you are attempting to pay for your Super ride through “m-banking” or “e-banking”, you shall receive an OTP code in your registered mobile number which you will have to enter in the system to ensure you are the authentic person doing the transaction.

Having said that, if you are not connected to the Internet, select “wallet” as you pay the rider through Khalti.


Don’t have a Khalti account? Create it in two minutes!

Don’t have enough funds in the Khalti wallet to pay your SuperApp service, Load funds in your Khalti wallet instantly using mobile banking, eBanking, bank voucher deposit, Khalti Sewa Kendra, and other methods! How?


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