Are you a traveller? Do you like visiting different places? Wasn’t it difficult to spend time at home during the lockdown, when travelling had come to halt? Finally, everything is going back to normal.

Even if not outside the country, travelling within the country has begun. Domestic flights for every destination within the country have started their operations completely. 

Yeti Airline being one of the best airlines in Nepal is the best option for travelling to the destinations within the country. Yeti Air started its first commercial flight in September 1998 with a single Canadian-built DHC6-300 Twin Otter aircraft. Yeti Air tickets can be bought from different mediums. Khalti can be the best one to book tickets as it provides several offers.

Perks of using Khalti to Book Yeti Air Tickets:

  1. Instant Booking: Tickets can be booked through Khalti instantly. From wherever you want and whenever you want it can be booked in just a few minutes.
  2. Cashback: Khalti provides up to Rs.600 cashback with every Yeti Airlines flight booking. This helps you to not only save time but also money.
  3. Emergency Booking: Khalti also provides the facility for last-hour booking. In case of emergency travels, you can use Khalti to book a yeti airlines flight at the last hour without visiting counters.

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Steps to Book Yeti Airlines Flight through Khalti:

  1. On the home screen, tap on ‘Flight’. You will get redirected to the search flight dashboard.
  2. Select your trip of choice, fill in the details, and tap on ‘Search
  3. Scroll through the lists of flights, and select ‘Yeti Airlines’ as your preferred airlines
  4. Re-verify the details and tap on ‘Continue
  5. Enter the passenger info and tap on ‘Continue Booking
  6. Confirm details and tap on ‘Make Payment’ to complete the transaction

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