Best Mobile Wallets in Nepal

With the advent of technology, mobile wallets have grown to be extremely popular in Nepal. The best mobile wallets in Nepal are now replacing the age-old means of paying money through notes. With these mobile wallets, it is now possible to pay money through mobile phones with ease. While some of these mobile wallets are more popular than the others, all these mobile wallets surely play their role in reducing the need for carrying notes.

Mentioned below are the best mobile wallets in Nepal.


Khalti Digital Wallet

Khalti is one of the most popular mobile wallets of Nepal. It is a digital payment service which serves the purpose of applying cashless transactions for bill payments and mobile recharges. The Khalti digital payment service also supports the payments to DTH services and domestic remittance. You can also carry out money transfers, wallet payments and shop for things online, at the comfort of your fingertips.

Khalti digital wallet allows an easy way to accept payments with ease. The payment app of Nepal also allows the payment of money to different bank accounts. Money transfers to several Agent Networks are also supported. There are also a number of offers and cash back offers are available. The app is still in the process of developing, and a number of services and offers are surely set to be added soon.


eSewa a digital payment service.  This app is compatible both on the web and on the mobile device. This Digital Payment Portal of Nepal is enabled with mobile wallet and internet wallet. Unique services like VISA Prepaid Card, Payout Agent, and other facilities are made available in this easy to use the app.

You can simply load your money from a list of available bank accounts. It is compatible with recharge cards of NTC and Ncell. You can also buy recharge cards, purchase tickets online and pay money to offline stores. Other facilities include wallet to wallet, wallet to the bank, bank to wallet and wallet to remittance transactions.


Developed by, iPay also falls on the list of best mobile wallets in Nepal. The online payment gateway works as an intermediary between a shopper and a merchant. iPay is perfect for shopping purposes for merchandise online. The customer needs to open an iPay account and prefill it with funds. The funds can then be used to pay the merchants. The merchants, who have signed up for iPay, can use the services to obtain money from their clients and deliver their products.

The 128 bit SSL encryption protects the personal identification information. The information that you submit, including the name, address, login ID, and password are all under safe hands with iPay. Payment details of transactions are encrypted and stored. Paying the bills requires a second level of security, which is achieved by the use of transaction password. The bank accounts can be used to load the money, and iPay also allows the payment of landline bills, prepaid bills and DTH bills.

Source: Mero Kalam.

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Best Mobile Wallets in Nepal

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