Time is changing, COVID-19 has created a “leapfrog” moment by pushing individuals to stay at home, shop online & pay digitally. Amid the lockdown, there has been a huge surge in the usage of digital payment platforms, many individuals prefer online transactions whether it is buying products or paying goods and services, or earning income and wages. Letting clients pay their way, wherever they are, keeps it clear and easy. This has shown that digital wallets such as Khalti have proved to be the best choice for the conventional form of payment, i.e. by cash and cheque. It has also made it simpler for individuals and businesses to quickly clear their transactions, sitting with just a few clicks in one corner of the room/office. But, there will come a time when the advantages begin to fade and even go backward. You need to know if your digital wallet is keeping up or not?

In today’s fast-moving, everyone claims to be the best among the rest, instead of helping you fulfill your needs sometimes digital wallets can be bait for you. Here are the 3 telltale signs that indicate why you can rely on Khalti.


1. Khalti maintains the safety of your personal information

It’s a brainer that one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to digital wallets. The needs of customers vary significantly. We have exciting offers be it the online bill payments or the offers like KYC verification bonus, Khalti Quiz, redeem the coupon, Khalti promises all.


2.  Khalti keeps on expanding

As the technology keeps changing you want your digital wallet to do more not every digital payment provider can meet all the requirements quickly. But we are able to keep up with the trend. To this date, Khalti has 40+ banks associated with our service. You can load funds from 40+ banks across Nepal. Additionally, Khalti has more than 8000 POS and Agent Network services that offer services to end-users.

As an efficient payment partner of Nepal, Khalti has all the expertise you need on tap, a local presence on the ground, and in line with the market’s nuances.


3. Khalti maintains the safety of your personal information

Customers’ data or Personal information should be inseparable in a digital payments provider. Data should be used to evaluate and identify areas for improvement. Khalti uses the information to personalize the user experience.


NRB To Allow Foreign Currency Exchange

In its first quarterly review of the monetary policy for the current fiscal year 2020/21, NRB announced to ease up its restrictive foreign currency rules to introduce a provision allowing people to purchase and import foreign goods and services online by paying on foreign currency.  

The new provision allowing people to make payments on the foreign currency will not only make the payment of foreign currency legal but also make it easier for those who want to purchase foreign goods and services online.

This relaxation is expected to benefit those who want goods online from Amazon or Alibaba or Netflix subscriptions or students who want to take online classes or travelers who want to book hotels abroad or advertisers making advertisements on Facebook and other social media sites.   

Though the online purchase of foreign goods and services was not allowed, many found the central bank’s restrictions on the foreign currency payment.



First-ever NRB/ IRD compliant Digital Marketing Company

Genese solution, a Nepali cloud consulting firm, has now begun offering digital marketing services to its customers through the legal path. There was no way of covering the expenses incurred by the digital marketing service prior to this.

For its digital services necessity, people depended on their relatives overseas. Those payments from unofficial channels mean an economic loss to the country. Now NRB decided to make a legal route with all the legal requirements, it’s great relief for Nepali Business to grow locally while having to promote their business across big platforms like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, YouTube & so on.

Since Genese solution passed all the NRB guidelines & became the first authorized digital marketing company you can reach out to Genese Solution & pay them in local currency along with the VAT bill.