Nepal has seen a lot of improvements in every aspect and international online transactions are not an exception. The rapid way in which online tasks are being performed is quite astounding. Well, it should not be a surprise that the people of Nepal are, like foreigners, benefitting from domestic as well as international online transactions.

There may be questions as to why online services are getting so much attention. Well, human beings would like to have an easy life with less to no efforts. Using online services ensures that this thought is totally fulfilled.

Talking about the context of Nepal, as mentioned earlier, improvements in every field is something that can be termed as “drastic”. Nobody in the past 10 years would have thought about the achievements that we have seen in this developing country. However, there are some and the prime example is international online transactions from Nepal.


Is International Payment from Nepal Possible?

The answer to this question is a definite, Yes! Nepal has made so many features available to the public that allows everyone to perform their payment whether it is domestic or international.

If we have to focus on a single point to explain international payment from Nepal, then it is better to point out to the accounts that we all maintain in banks. Opening a bank account means a safe business.

Each and every bank account is associated with or contains a swift code. By making use of this swift code, international payment from Nepal is possible. The process is also called the Bank Swift Transfer.

There is another way of making international payments from Nepal, using Bitcoins. Did you know that, as of 22nd November 2019, 1 Bitcoin is equal to NRs 872,830.24 If you want to know more about bitcoins, the details are available here.


What is PayPal and Is It Usable in Nepal?

PayPal is an online service that allows a sender to send money via the internet or on an online basis. This service ensures safe and error-free transactions to be performed.

Making a PayPal account is easy. You need to ensure that you have provided your required details to the bank so that they can provide you with a proper PayPal account.

However, in the context of Nepal, making a PayPal account is not considered to be easy. There are many Nepalese who use their relatives’ accounts in order to make online payments which are not considered to be safe by many people. However, one can get a PayPal account and verification through Payoneer in Nepal.


Is Dollar Payment from Nepal Possible?

Seeing that the “Dollar” is one of the most used currencies throughout the world, it is dominating the market. Likewise, in the context of Nepal, it is very similar to that of Bitcoins.

Your bank is your best friend in this matter. With proper banking details and good security, your payment in terms of dollars is mostly very safe and sound.

Another easy way to make dollar payments from Nepal is through credit cards. For information about credit cards and how to create and operate them, click here.

By using a digital payment Gateway like Khalti, one can have more than enough opportunities to make payments via online methods, be it a domestic or international payment.