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Did you play Khalti Quiz today?

Take part in Khalti Quiz and get a chance to win exciting prizes daily. Also win Khalti gift hampers monthly.

We have initiated Khalti Quiz targeting our Android and iOS app users. The quiz was started on 14 April 2018.

You must have Khalti app installed on your smartphone to play the quiz.

Every morning at around 7, you will be sent a push notification on Khalti app to play Khalti quiz. You simply have to tap on the correct answer from the given answer choices to participate. For each correct answer, you will score quiz points. If you answer correctly, you will be eligible for the daily lucky draw.

The one with the highest quiz points will get exciting gift hampers monthly.

How to play Khalti Quiz ?

1. Khalti Quiz questions will be published via push notifications once a day (can be multiple) in the app around 7 am daily.

2. You will get notifications regarding quiz daily. In case you miss the quiz questions, you can answer the quiz question from Play Khalti Quiz option in the menu bar.

3. You will have given time slot to answer the question.

4. For each question, you will be given answer choices. Choose the correct one from the choices.

5. You will get to answer the quiz questions one hour prior to the results.

6. Results will be published at around 7 PM daily.

7. Khalti Quiz is available on the latest version of the App. So, don’t forget to update your app.

Khalti Quiz Gift Hampers:

  1. If you answer the quiz question correctly, you will get enrolled for daily lucky draw contest.

There can be one or multiple winners for lucky draw contest.

  1. You will also get Points for each correct answer which will be accumulated for a month. Based on the points earned, you will be ranked on the Leaderboard daily. Quiz points will be reset at the end of every month for monthly Leaderboard ranking.

You will be ranked on the Leaderboard from high to low according to Quiz Points earned.

The user at the top of Leaderboard will get monthly Khalti Gift Hamper.

Haven’t you downloaded Khalti app on your smartphone yet? Download it today and register for free:

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Did you play Khalti Quiz today?

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