Digital Banking in Nepal

Digital Banking in Nepal

Though government and the central bank are committed to enhancing financial inclusion through digital banking in Nepal, its pace is slow Financial system is no longer a prerogative of banking institutions due to innovation and application of technology in delivering products

Finlit Nepal Pvt Ltd_Prakash Koirala

FINLIT Nepal receives ‘Economic Citizenship Award 2018’

Prakash Koirala, Managing Director of FINLIT Nepal Pvt. Ltd. has been honored with Economic Citizenship Award 2018. The award recognizes institutions who have a direct and immediate effect of financial education and entrepreneurship education on improving the people’s economic and financial

OECD Secretary General Angel Gurria talks while presenting the Economic Outlook during the OECD Week at the OECD headquarters in Paris on May 29, 2013. AFP PHOTO ERIC PIERMONTERIC PIERMONT/AFP/Getty Images

Financial literacy a vital tool to fight inequality

Financial literacy is an essential life skill. It lays the groundwork for many important, life-changing decisions, whether it’s evaluating a job contract, purchasing a first home or managing retirement savings. It is also a key tool to address inequality. What

Digital Payment for Financial Inclusion

वित्तीय साक्षरतादेखि वित्तीय सक्षमतासम्म

वित्तीय साक्षरतालाई ‘वित्तीय सचेतना’ तथा ‘वित्तीय शिक्षा’ जस्ता नामले पनि सम्बोधन गर्ने गरिन्छ । सामान्य अर्थमा वित्तीय क्षेत्र तथा कारोबारका विविध आयामसम्बन्धी सामान्य ज्ञान वा आधारभूत अवधारणा नै वित्तीय साक्षरता (सचेतना र शिक्षा) हो । वित्तीय साक्षरताले पैसाको महत्व बुझेर

Nepali currency

नेपालमा वित्तीय साक्षरता बढाउने केहि उपायहरु

उपलब्ध आर्थिक स्रोतसाधनको प्रभावकारी र मितव्ययी उपयोग गर्ने ज्ञान सिक्दै हरेक आर्थिक वा वित्तीय क्रियाकलापमा उचित निर्णय लिन सक्ने क्षमता विकास गर्नु नै वित्तीय साक्षरता हो। यसले हरेक व्यक्तिलाई स्रोतसाधनको उपयोग र बचत गर्ने सीप प्रदान गरी कमाउने, बचाउने, खर्च

Financial Inclusion in Nepal

Financial Inclusion in Nepal

Financial Inclusion refers to people, regardless of their social or economic background, having access to a wide range of financial services through formal financial institutions. These services, at the very basic level, start with opening a deposit account or a

Financial inclusion in Nepal

Financial Inclusion: Where does Nepal stand?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you didn’t have a bank account? How would you transfer money? What about loans and credit? Would you carry Lakhs and Crores of Rupees with you in case you had

Financial Inclusion in Nepal

State of Financial Inclusion in Nepal and Asia-Pacific Region

Financial inclusion is a very topical issue across the world these days. The need to address this issue has never been more significant primarily due to the benefits it will bring to our economy. Financial inclusion in Nepal and across

Financial Literacy in Nepal

वित्तीय साक्षरता : अर्थ र आवश्यकता

पछिल्ला वर्षहरूमा विश्व आर्थिक क्षेत्रमा वित्तीय समावेशीकरण र वित्तीय साक्षरताको विषयले ठूलो चर्चा एवम् महत्त्व पाउन थालेको छ । वित्तीय  समावेशीकरणको सामान्य अर्थ सबैका लागि वित्तीय सेवा भन्ने हुन्छ । प्रत्येक नागरिकलाई सुलभ तरिकाले वित्तीय सेवाको पहुँच पुर्याउनु नै वित्तीय