domestic flight to bhairahawa

Explore Lumbini: Daily Domestic flight to Bhairahawa

Book Daily domestic flight to Bhairahawa via Khalti and get exciting cashbacks instantly. Daily domestic flights to Bhairawa are the easiest way to get to Lumbini, birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha. Located in the southern plains of mid west Nepal,

domestic flight to pokhara

Explore Pokhara: Daily Domestic flight to Pokhara

Book Daily domestic flight to Pokhara via Khalti and get exciting cash back instantly. Pokhara is one of the largest cities of Nepal and is situated at an altitude of 827m above sea level, 200km from the capital city, Kathmandu.

domestic flights in nepal

Book Domestic Flight Tickets in Nepal using Khalti

Domestic flights in Nepal has been one of the most popular means of transportation.  All the major cities and many popular tourist destinations are less than an hour away if you choose to travel by air. Flight ticket booking can