Are you risking your financial health

Are you risking your financial health by not tracking your expenses?

Do you track your income, expenditure and overall finance? Are you risking your financial health by not tracking your expenditure? Don’t we all make sure our health is always in check. Similarly, we need keep all other aspects of our

Financial inclusion an urgent call

Financial inclusion an urgent call

Financial inclusion plays an important role in determining the socio-political and economic fabric of a country. In Nepal, access to finance is a need of every household and businesses. A government aiming for a balanced development of multi-sector should consider

Sakchyam helps establish bank branches

Sakchyam partners with 14 commercial banks to establish 57 bank branches in rural part of Nepal

Sakchyam Access to Finance, a project run by Department for International Development has supported 14 Commercial Banks to establish 57 new branches in rural municipalities of Karnali Province and Province No. 5 & 7. These newly signed partnerships embody UKaid

Financial inclusion in Nepal

Financial Inclusion: Where does Nepal stand?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you didn’t have a bank account? How would you transfer money? What about loans and credit? Would you carry Lakhs and Crores of Rupees with you in case you had

Financial Inclusion in Nepal

State of Financial Inclusion in Nepal and Asia-Pacific Region

Financial inclusion is a very topical issue across the world these days. The need to address this issue has never been more significant primarily due to the benefits it will bring to our economy. Financial inclusion in Nepal and across

Mobile banking in Nepal

Digital Payment System in Nepal: Challenges and Opportunities

Adopting digital payment system in Nepal can help economy, lessen government burden and increase earning According to the Nepal Telecom Authority (NTA) report, Nepal has 63 percent Internet penetration. This is based on total customers of the Internet Service Providers (ISP)

Digital Wallets in Nepal

नेपालमा डिजिटल वालेट

आर्थिक कारोबार अन्तर्गत लेनदेन तथा भुक्तानी गर्नका लागि समयक्रममा विभिन्न उपकरणको विकास भएको पाइन्छ । इतिहासको प्रारम्भिक कालखण्डमा वस्तु विनिमयमा भर परेको मानव समाजमा कालक्रममा शंख, सिपी, धातु आदि विनिमयका माध्यमका रुपमा विकसित भए । त्यसपछि धातुका मुद्रा प्रचलित भए