domestic flight to pokhara

Explore Pokhara: Daily Domestic flight to Pokhara

Book Daily domestic flight to Pokhara via Khalti and get exciting cash back instantly. Pokhara is one of the largest cities of Nepal and is situated at an altitude of 827m above sea level, 200km from the capital city, Kathmandu.

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How to pay Landline Phone bill online using Khalti?

Pay Landline Phone bill online in just a few clicks with Khalti Digital Wallet. With over 5 lakh trusted users, Khalti is your one-stop solution for an online recharge! Paying bills every month can be a hectic task, especially when

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Khalti offers quick and easy online bill payment service for your Subisu subscription that let you pay bills electronically using a secure online account. Pay Subisu bill online today There was a time not so long ago when people were

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Making it as easy as possible for the users to pay Worldlink bill online, Khalti is offering quick and secure solution eliminating unnecessary hassles and distractions. Paying bills is a necessary part of life, but visiting cash counters every single

Book Domestic Flight Ticket in Nepal using Khalti

Book Domestic Flight Ticket in Nepal using Khalti

Domestic flights in Nepal has been one of the most popular means of transportation.  All the major cities and many popular tourist destinations are less than an hour away if you choose to travel by air. Book Domestic flight ticket