Online payment in Nepal

Online Payment in Nepal

Before a few years ago, online payment in Nepal was just a myth. People were scared if they have the online account then they would be hacked and their money would be stolen. They didn’t believe in the online payment system. So, they preferred offline payment by going to the relevant office to make payment by the being in queue to pay the bills, get recharge card and scratch and then use it to recharge, even to pay bills you had to leave your works. Such simple works used to eat up your time.

Online Payment in Nepal bringing a transformation

To simplify your work, online payment in Nepal started just a few years ago and made your life easier by making different bills payment easily with a click. You just have to take any online banking with service of top up to an online payment portal, and you can pay easily using those portals within a minute and you don’t have to waste your time on it by old payment methods. Digital wallet and online payment in Nepal is a revolutionary system for payment.

Here we present you two top service providers for online payment in Nepal from where you can make an online payment easily and hassle-free:

1. Khalti Digital Wallet

Trending app on google is the Khalti app. This app is highly highlighted as it got recognized in Google Business Group Storytelling Contest. This payment portal is owned by Janaki Technology Pvt Ltd., the maker of Sparrow SMS, Nepal’s leading telecom VAS service provider. This product is a neck to neck challenge for esewa. It is breaking the monopoly of esewa in Nepal. The competition in the market will help the user to get the cheaper extra fee for making the payment for few services.

2. Esewa

Esewa is a payment portal for making a platform for online payment portal in the market of Nepal. This payment portal is owned by F1Soft company which is very popular among app company which has made all android and ios app for almost all banks in Nepal. By making the app for banks, this company had gained the trust and they have integrated the payment to esewa using the bank app made by their company. They don’t take any charge if you transfer money from bank to esewa account.

These are the leading online payment service running in Nepal but there are others too like npay, ipay and many more.

Limitations and drawbacks of Online Payment in Nepal

All the payments are limited to payment within the countries. The international payment for buying and selling products is still not possible in Nepal. Getting the PayPal service running is still not supported in Nepal.

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Online Payment in Nepal

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