Khalti Digital Wallet Launched

Khalti Digital Wallet Launched, Add Balance On Your Phone For Free

Today in the event of CAN Info-Tech 2017, KHALTIa new Nepalese Digital Wallet was launched. Khalti in their own words is a digital wallet for instant, secure and hassle-free online payments in Nepal. You might have heard about eSewa or iPay, you can put Khalti in the same category.
Khalti can be accessed through their official website or their Android app which is available for download on Google Play.
Since Khalti is new it is trying to grab the attention of the Nepalese by offering something special, anyone can get a random amount for free in their Khalti account if they fulfill certain conditions. Follow the instructions below to gain free balance in your Khalti account.

Get Free Money In Khalti Digital Wallet Account

  1. Type Khalti <space> Your Name
  2. Send it to “35455”
  3. After few seconds you will receive a coupon code
  4. Go to and signup for a new account or you can use the Khalti app and signup as well
  5. On your Khalti account dashboard click on redeem coupon and enter your coupon code
  6. You will receive some random amount on your Khalti account
I received Rs. 23.35 randomly…
This is not all, there is another exciting offer from Khalti as well. It is offering a sum of Rs. 1999, Rs. 2999, Rs. 3999 and Rs. 4999 to the first 1999th, 2999th, 3999th and 4999th Khalti users respectively. By the time I’m writing this article there are a total of 1918 users registered on Khalti. Time will tell who will be those lucky ones…

Top Up Khalti Account Balance To Recharge Your SIM Card

You can immediately use your account balance from Khalti account to add balance to your sim card too. I added Rs. 10 to my NTC SIM card from the Khalti balance which I got by redeeming the coupon code.

Just follow the following steps to recharge your mobile from Khalti:

  1. Go to the Mobile Top up option on Khalti Account Dashboard
  2. Type your mobile no. and amount you wish to add to your SIM card
  3. Click Top Up. You will get your balance on your SIM

First Step

Second Step

Third Step

The transaction history altogether

With the names like eSewa and iPay already ruling the Nepali Digital Wallet market, I don’t know where Khalti will end up in the future. However, since I was able to add some balance on my phone for free from Khalti, I am wishing them bestest best from my end. LMAO

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This article was originally published at Sudip Rai blog on January 26, 2017.

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Khalti Digital Wallet Launched, Add Balance On Your Phone For Free

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