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Amit Agrawal is Nepali technology entrepreneur best known for  CEO of Janaki Technology Pvt. Ltd. which operates three major products Khalti (Digital Wallet), Sparrow SMS, and Picovico (cloud-based Video-Making platform). He believes that simple solutions can change the way of life of many people.

Amit interests include building up networks of like-minded people for a collaborative approach to upgrade ICT Industry in Nepal such that it can serve as a tool to solve problems of all other Industries in Nepal.

Name Amit Agrawal
Known For -CEO of Janaki Technology
-Manager at Google Business Group, Nepal
Hometown Birgunj, Nepal
Education 2004-2008 (Computer Engineering, Purbanchal University – CGPA: 3.69)
2002-2004 (+2 Science,Himalayan White House – 82%)
1991-2002 (School,Gyan Jyoti Birgunj – 81.75% )
Occupation Enterpreneur
Years Active Dec 2011-Present


Early Life

Amit Agrawal spent his childhood life in Birgunj. He completed his schooling from there. From the very early age, he was interested in a gadget and electronics devices.  After SLC he moved to Kathmandu to pursue his higher education. Generally in Marbadi culture what they do is after SLC they join commerce and start working because they believe more in work rather than degrees. So, he never thought that he was going to join science.

After he came to Kathmandu for his higher education, he looked around for 100% scholarship.But he did not get any scholarship from any college.  Eventually, he got a scholarship from Marwadi Sewa Samiti. He got 24000 scholarship for his +2. He then joined Himalayan White House. After +2 Amit started working in a grocery store for 6 months. By the time he was working, still, he was confusing whether or not a degree is important. Finally, he made a decision to join engineering.

During his engineering, he used to organize dance parties which helped him to build a good network. After his engineering, he joined SUBISU as a support engineer. He worked there for three months.

Birth of Janaki Technology Pvt. Ltd.


Janaki Technology logo
Janaki Technology logo

Janaki Technology was started by Amit’s best friend while he was in 3rd year of his engineering. After working in SUBISU, Amit joined the company. By that time, the company used to provide basic services like domain registration and web development.

But slowly the team started to feel that the purpose of life was missing. They wanted to build own product. So, as a result, they started Sparrow SMS in 2010. The team kept on researching and working on the product. But then they realized that they need to build a global product. They came with another idea Picovico, a could-based video-making platform. Picovico was funded by “Morpheus Venture Partners”. Picovico is the only Nepali company which was selected for  Start-up-Chile program from Chile government.

In 2016, the company came up with the idea of Online Payment. Thus, Khalti was born.

Janaki Technology’s Products

Khalti Digital Wallet in Nepal

Khalti is Nepali Digital Wallet. Khalti provides services like utility payments (Topup, Recharge, Internet / TV Bills). Khalti aims to expand to more bank networks, offering more utilities to pay and visions to position itself as synonymous with digital payment in Nepal.

Khalti App is available in Google Play StoreApp Store, and Web platforms.

Sparrow SMS

Sparrow SMS logo

Sparrow SMS was Initiated by Janaki Technology Pvt in 2010. Since then, Sparrow SMS is providing Bulk SMS and SMS Marketing service to help businesses acquire and engage customers. Sparrow SMS is known as a leading VAS provider in Nepal.

Initially, Sparrow SMS was initiated with a tagline ‘Power of Text’ and the simple goal of providing SMS services to the general public as well as business enterprises to communicate and promote their products and business through SMS.


Picovico logo

Picovico is a could-based video-making platform. Picovico is suitable for bulk video creation for personal or marketing requirements. Picovico is available on Google Play Store and web platforms.  It converts photos into wonderful video online. You can add photos from Facebook or your computer and also add music and text.

Message From Amit

Let’s stay in Nepal. Let’s work in Nepal. Let’s make good Nepal. Let’s make it happen.

 Amit Agrawal’s Say

What you learn at university covers just 10% of your education, 90% of your education will be outside the university.

What you deliver in the market is not a product. A product is something that you keep innovating and delivering.

This article was originally published in Nepali Trends on 28 April 2018. Read the original article here.

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Amit Agrawal – Youth Profile | Nepali Trends

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